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What is an Orthodox Presbyterian church? 

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church was founded in 1936 and has congregations throughout the United States, as well as established mission work in ten other countries. The OPC has roots in the Protestant Reformation and stresses the authority of Scripture and the sovereignty of God.

The term 'orthodox' refers to our desire to be consistent with the truth of the Bible as it is expressed in historic Christian faith.  We believe in the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, the only infallible rule for our faith and conduct.  We accept the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Larger Catechism and Shorter Catechism as a reliable summary of the teachings of the Bible.

The term 'presbyterian' comes from the Greek word 'presbyteros', which is translated in the Bible as 'elder'. The government of Presbyterian churches follows the Biblical mandate in Titus 1 to appoint elders to lead the congregation.

What you will find at Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church:

  • God-centered worship.  Our worship is traditional in style, reverent and joyful.  We seek to honor God by proclaiming His glory and expressing our amazement and thankfulness for the redeeming work of Christ.
  • Bible-based teaching.  We believe that the Bible alone gives us the truth about who God is, what He has done, and how we may please Him.  We study the Bible so that we may grow in our knowledge of God through His revelation to us in Scripture.
  • Christian fellowship.  Fellowship with other Christians is both the privilege and the duty of every believer.  Our faith in Christ is expressed in our love for one another.
  • Outreach.  The gospel is the good news of Christ that we enthusiastically proclaim to the world.  We reach out both locally, through the ministries of our congregation, and world-wide, through our support of OPC missions and church-planting.

We invite you to worship with us!



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